Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hungry for Some "Gossip?"

People will always talk. So just give them a good story to talk about! No matter where you go or who you see, or even WHAT you talk about, theres always that little thing you're going to do. Gossip.

Its not just a girl thing, do you really think guys get their information by reading a book or observing? Heck no. They gossip just as much, to know what went down with who. Who had that wam bam thank you maam, and who walked away with no shame, or fame.

Some of these gossip stories turn into lies, and can just ruin a life. Or it can be a story that makes someones day, or have them find a wife. (yes, you know like some idiots do wasted out of their minds in Vegas?) Anyways, why are you going to complain about gossipers? Just make your story worth enough for someone else to talk about. You're nobody until you're talked about. - That even Gossip Girl states.

Besides knowing things why do we gossip?
  1.  It could be to feel accomplished. By knowing someone Else's business that trashes them, it makes you look better so you want to go out and tell other people.  There always has to be someone below you to make you feel superior.
  2.  Sometimes we do it to feel part of a group. Have nothing else to talk about? Well that's why you talk about someone else. It might just be the only thing you have in common with a person and make you best friends.
  3. Buying attention is the biggest one. It makes you feel scandalous, and even if its for 5 minutes, you still get all eyes and ears on you to hear what you have to say. Who doesn't want to be the center of attention. Its a great feeling ;) 
  4. Sometimes we are in the need to gossip because we want revenge. Indirectly perhaps, but that raging fire that's building in us makes us want to  tell some juice to someone that has no right to the information. Whether its due to anger or jealousy, hey gossip is useful.
  5.  Some people gossip because they have absolutely nothing better to do. So they create drama, and hope to focus on someone else's life as opposed to looking at their own. Clearly Gossip is the main focus.

Not all gossip is bad though.Some can be praising! For example talking about how great someone is at something they do. But if anything gossip can be great for bringing that self esteem up. Who knew that harmless chit chat, may make you think you've got less fat. Not saying anyone does! But just a saying. We all have our moments, and everyone does it, so is this something we get over? Yes its bullying and it will be around for a while, but you might as well make use of it if its going to stay for a while!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

That New "Thang"

I have got to be completely honest with you now. I have got a soft spot for these new designers! We all love our Guccis, and Pradas. But can we really go out and buy them now? Instead we resort to our Forever 21s of the world. We go to the cheaper stores that provide us with the new trends, that we can actually afford!

But how many times have we actually had that same jacket or belt that can be multipurpose, with out the threads coming out. Not to mention, you just might end up wearing the same outfit as someone else! We can go to our usual Akiras, Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, but they just don't seem to satisfy me anymore. What is satisfying is new designers who will create you, or have tremendous eye catching styles that are SO in. By the time people catch on. It is SO out for you. Set the pace, set the trend, and new styles that no one has. Be your own diva!

A few of my favorite have to Lynni B Designs, and Sukara Sterling. The next show or style shoot i get the deats for. You'll be sure I've got you filled in.
Which usual stores have you gotten sick of? We just might need something new to obsess over now, sheesh!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh yea that looks so great on you! (if you wore it a few seasons ago..)

So my passion is Fashion, and I cant help but to write about that too! We all go shopping and see things we like. Some are going out, and some we wish that would please go out.  Let me place a complete obvious comparison out there for you. Cheetah pumps. You were so forever ago!  

Dear Cheetah Print, 

You were great while you lasted, but time for you to come back in 2018 maybe? Its time for Python, and snake to kick in. 

Best Wishes,

With Nude being the totally ultra savy flavor of the month, maybe even season, I have got to say its really made an appearence. Make sure you have that spring wardrobe with those sassy textured shoes. I guarantee they'll be in for a while. Oh and while you're at that, make sure you have a spring handbag. No bag will ever disappoint, and will help you get over with the fall colors. 
Just like Fergie likes to state, "Buy a bag and get over it" ;)

Although getting a Marc, or an Oscar would be therapeutically delishKate Spade does justice too! 

Gaze it.
Quilted Mini Stam * Exclusive
The Mini Stam is a new size for SS11, and is exclusive to Marc Jacobs  stores and Medium size and features a removable and adjustable strap. 100% Lamb Leather. New Spring Brass(Image and details from


Bay Street Metallic Small Coal
Lustrous gold patent and natural-hued leather to create a structured tote topped with double handles, while out "quick  curious" lining lends a chic finishing touch inside. (Images and details from

Seriously Kate, I think you out did yourself. Your Spring Collection is the new IT piece. Whats your new IT piece? Would you go with the "Em Jay" or the "Kay Es." I say Kiss it. <3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tell me Chris, Do you enjoy getting humiliated?

We've all seen you Chris Brown, in ways some might be scarred! Yes we  know this is a bit late, but tell me whats this deal with getting mad news out about your self in a humiliating factor? Why cant you just go out to some preschool and call it a day!

He  really cant stay out of the media unless he's doing something to cause attention. Did his girlfriend, or ex girlfriend REALLY leak those pictures of him? Talk about a stunt! Seems to me as if he must have done it himself. I mean which girl wouldn't want to "Click" knowing whats out there. Not saying every girl will, but if anything its getting him the mad attention he wants. Some girls may just have the hots for him all over again. Yes the ones that lost him in the tragic so called incident with Rihanna, but frankly shouldn't she be happy? Apparently her new violent music has hit it off. Chains and whips just might excite us in ways we don't want to state. Thoughts? Would you leak pictures of yourself if it would give you a bit too much attention? Please get out with the old tactics of attention and in with the new! I think you would do just fine with your Love songs